Plan Your Destination Wedding & Your Fabulous Honeymoon Around Our Many Attractions & Events Right Here in Nashville, the Home of Country Music!


Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elvis, Elopement Weddings, Nashville Wedding Chapels, $99 Special,  Visit Music City,

Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elvis, Elopement Weddings, Nashville Wedding Chapels, $99 Special, Visit Music City, Nashville,  Country Music, Sundy Best Video

Lunch Hour Special $99

Lunch Hour Special $99 is Available Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

Couple and Wedding Officiant only at your 15 minute Ceremony. No additional staff.

Based on Availability and by appointment only. NO WALK-INS. NO REFUNDS.

Please be aware the Downtown Nashville Arcade is busy with tourist, business personnel and locals during this time. We do everything we can to control the noise factor.  Please consider the occasional loudness as part of the Lunch Hour ambience and part of the Downtown Vibe and culture.

Please have your marriage license with you.


The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel Staff is warm & friendly and we are the only Vegas Style Wedding Chapel in Nashville, however, to ensure schedules are kept that may impact the next couple, the following strictly applies:



Enjoy saying I Do with this Sentimental 15 minute Traditional Ceremony!

Includes Our House Wedding Officiant with Traditional Wedding Vows.

Our Wedding Officiant will be glad to take two Wedding Photos with your Camera.

By Appointment Only, Monday-Friday 10am -3pm. NO WALK-INS.


May only reschedule Afternoon Delight within 3 months.

Couples to arrive dressed and leave dressed. 

No Previews.







Remember, No Refunds. All Bookings Final. Including Inclement Weather.



Cheesy Local Commercial for Rhinestone Wedding Chapel on Famous Music Row, Nashville TN!

When making your Nashville Wedding Venue decision, we hope that you will make The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel your Nashville Wedding Chapel choice! The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is like the spectacular Vegas Wedding Chapels with an optional Elvis Impersonator or you may choose a Traditional Nashville Wedding Minister.  We offer many of the amenities like beautiful Wedding Cakes, Professional Wedding Photography for beautiful Wedding Photos and can help you procure Nashville hotel accommodations, hair stylists, Wedding Bouquets, Limousines, as well many other services at Rhinestone discounted rates.  Among the many Nashville Wedding Chapels, Nashville Wedding Venues & Nashville Event Halls, we are a also a popular Destination Wedding Venue choice as a Nashville Destination Hot-Spot!  Please read our Credo below and you will see why our couples are so glad they chose The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel!

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel Credo

♥We will share in your Wedding Day Celebration or Marriage Vows Renewal with excitement, humor, and a one of a Nashville kind of ceremony!

♥To provide appealing choices and affordable prices with packages and amenities so that you can have a little jingle for your Honeymoon or your night out on the town.

♥We will make sure that every blushing bride enjoys as many nuances of a church wedding that she desires such as a beautiful Chapel room, an aisle with Red Carpet, a toast with non-alcoholic bubbly and birdseed or bells for her guests oh and of course, a Traditional Wedding Officiant or a fabulous Elvis Impersonator as your Wedding Officiant.

♥While we are a Christianity practicing Wedding Chapel with religious ceremonies, we want to convey to our couples that we are NOT a judgmental, finger pointing, holier than thou, Wedding Chapel and if you choose The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, WE WILL CELEBRATE YOU AS A COUPLE and your guests, allow you space to celebrate, laugh, to cry and give you the best experience with as much fun as you want to have at the coolest Nashville Wedding Chapel in town!

♥We will not question your decision to marry or renew your vows whether you are eloping and its just you two or the Bride & Groom with guests.  (However, if you are intoxicated or doped up, or there are signs of oppression or abuse, The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel will not marry you and we reserve the right to refuse services to any couple we deem inappropriate to marry).

♥Give hospitality freely, always be professional and courteous to every Bride and Groom and their guests.

♥Be available for any questions and offer guidance within our realm of expertise. If we do not know the answer or if your question is not within our realm of expertise, provide you with resources so that your visit to The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is fabulous!

♥Share in your joy with smooth and seamless operations, with calmness, to not “wash our laundry in public”, to help you find a solution if a problem should arise during your Wedding Ceremony.

♥Ensure that the Bride, Groom and your guests, feel as if you are the only Wedding that The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is concerned with during your time.

♥To extend the same honor to every couple they have extended to us here by choosing The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and by showing respect to our couples and their guests.

♥If children are present, to make sure to convey to our couples and their guests their children are gladly welcomed.

♥We will strive to always remember to say Thank You for choosing The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel!


The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel has Relocated in the Heart of Honky Tonk to the Nashville Downtown Arcade!

new gallery rhinestone rings and guitar

Elvis Weddings, Honky Tonk Country, Nashville, Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Nashville Wedding Chapels, Nashville Tourist Attractions, Nashville Honky Tonks, Country Music

Oh My! We have boot scooted to the Historic Downtown Arcade, one block from the Famous Printers Alley, two blocks from the Mother Church of Country, the Ryman Auditorium and a stones throw from Lower Broadway featuring Nashville’s finest Honky Tonks!

Featuring Traditional Ceremonies starting at only $150 & Elvis Weddings begin at $299, The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel fits right into the Country Music Downtown scene! We offer Johnny & Dolly too! Downtown Nashville knows how to party hearty and we know how throw a Wedding from just the couple with our “Just the Two of Us” package to your 40 guest count “Arcade Promenade”! We will be delighted here at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel to help you plan your Special Wedding Day including providing Hotel information, provide our suggestions for hair & makeup stylists to obtaining your Marriage License once you book your Perfect Day with us! Below is one our newest Wedding Package featuring our newest location that includes up to forty (40) guests, our Fabulous House Wedding Officiant and our Wonderful Pianist! So please take advantage of our 10% discount off $200 and up Wedding Packages to share in our celebration of our relocation to the exciting Downtown Nashville Arcade at 24 Arcade Ave, Nashville Tennessee 37219! Yee Haw!


November Feature Package: Downtown Elvis Wedding $299

Your Fabulous 30 minute Nashville Elvis Wedding, Vegas Style in our Famous Downtown Nashville Arcade is only one block from our famous Printers Alley, two blocks from the Ryman Auditorium and our famous downtown Honky Tonks are everywhere within walking distance!

You may bring up to ten (10) guests.

Elvis will walk our Bride down the Rhinestone Wedding  Chapel red carpet aisle, serenading her all the way!

Elvis Shares in the Vows with our house Minister!

Perform a First Dance for our Rhinestone Newlyweds!

Finish off your Elvis Wedding with Singing, Dancing & Photos with Elvis! 

(you may bring your own camera, your own photographer or add our $199 Photography package)

(We encourage you to honky tonk it up with song, dance and fellowship if you want to, however, please note that we are a “dry chapel” so NO alcoholic beverages of any kind.  Nope, no solo cups with alcoholic beverages inside, no real champagne and no white lightening or spirits of any kind, period.) 

We are loyal to our couples by offering the Bride & Groom a way to say “I Do” and hope you’ll have a little jingle left for a pocket full of wonderful Honeymoon Bliss at one or many of our Music City Attractions!  We hope you think The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel has created a way for you to be budget conscience with today’s economy and still have the memorable and fabulous Wedding Day you dream of!

Additional guest is $15 each.  Please have your Marriage License with you when you arrive at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and please call the Tennessee County Clerks Office of your choice to verify their hours of operation, especially during the holidays.

The Downtown Elvis Wedding package $299 requires payment in full.   No refunds.

You may reschedule your date/time up to six (6) months and is subject to availability including holidays and holidays have additional fees.

Payment in full. No refunds.

Availability quotes tentative prior to booking. 

 Thank you, thank you very much for choosing The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, located in our new historic Downtown Arcade Location!


The Fun Stuff! Fine Print, Terms & Conditions, Availability, Requirements, Payments & Other Questions You May Have


Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elopements, Elvis, Nashville,Will always be the Best Music Row Wedding Chapel, Now the Best Downtown Nashville Wedding Chapel

Fine Print:  Terms & Conditions

Please read all of the Fine Print

♥♥We have relocated to our Historic Downtown Arcade Location at #24 Arcade Ave, Nashville Tennessee 37219 between 4th & 5th Ave North and Church & Union, across the street from the Doubletree Hotel, down the street from Pucketts Grocery, two blocks from the Ryman Auditorium, aprox three blocks from the Honky Tonks and one block from Printers Alley.♥♥

We hope that you choose The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel!  Nashville’s only Vegas Style Wedding Chapel and premier Nashville Wedding Venue with bragging rights of  being the first Nashville Wedding Chapel with an Elvis Impersonator located on Famous Music Row, the home where many current Country Music Artists still record!  

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel offers many amenities like many of the large Nashville Event Halls and beautiful Nashville Churches and we are like the fabulous Vegas Wedding Chapels with our optional Elvis Impersonator, however!  The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is desirable because of our location, where your travel time may be shorter and cost you a lot less then airfare. Not to mention that most of our Wedding packages cost less than most other Wedding Chapels in Nashville packages and offer amenities current with the times of what Brides want on their Wedding Day!  In order to accommodate our couples that choose The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, there are terms and conditions and this will help us giving you the Wedding you dream of!

Please call us at 615-881-3930 or email us here with any questions and thank you in advance for choosing The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel. Please also request to be our friend on facebook under Rhinestone Wedding-Chapel where you can see many happy Rhinestone Wedding Chapel couples!


If you have searched Wedding Chapels in Nashville to find us, you will see that we provide specials for Soldiers, Organ Donors and offer monthly internet promotions under our Contacts/Promotions page. We offer a 10% Military Discount for Active or Retired Military for most packages and no, you do not have to be in uniform, in fact, if the bride or groom, mom or dad, or your son/daughter is a soldier, we will be glad to honor the military discount and a 10% Organ Donor/Recipient Transplant Discount for most packages.  Only one discount of 10% applies if applicable and may not be combined with any other discount.  

All packages require Payment in Full.  All Add-Ons require payment in full.

NO REFUNDS. You may reschedule your Ceremony up to three or six months depending on your Wedding Package choice, from original Ceremony date unless otherwise specified, excluding holidays or chapel special events, is subject to Availability and must be rescheduled within 72 hours of your Ceremony.  “No Arrivals” may  reschedule only by the person who is the credit/debit card holder and are subject up to a $75 “missed date” fee.  The definition of a “No Arrival” is where either bride or groom or both are a No Show.  We understand there may be emergencies, please designate someone to call us in case of an emergency so that we may reschedule for a later date and proof may be required.  Holidays & Special Events require extra charges to be announced.  

Package Prices are subject to change.  If you choose to change your Package, there are no downgrades that gives any credits or refunds and if you upgrade to a higher package, you will be required to pay the difference. Please expect to pay the price difference of a package upgrade or Holdiay/Event Surcharge if you re-book on a Holiday or Special Event and are subject to availability.  

Holidays & Special Events are at special prices to be announced.

By Appointment Only, No Walk-Ins. We normally can book your Wedding within a 2 hour notice depending on Availability.  Availability is always tentative until payment is received for your package specific date/time.

Our Impersonators and Pianist requires a two (2) week notice, usually. Still ask if you prefer an Impersonator, many times we are able to accommodate! 

Please Note: We can perform Non-Binding Ceremonies prior to obtaining your Marriage License at regular package pricing plus $30 to compensate Wedding Officiant  who will need to accompany you to  the County Clerks Office.

If you are late for your Ceremony, you may be required to reschedule and a $25 fee will apply and will be assessed prior to Ceremony and rescheduling is based on Availability after your Ceremony.

If your Ceremony runs over more than 15 minutes and is not the result of the Chapel, and is the result of any circumstance of the Bride and/or Groom or Wedding Party or Guests, you will be required to pay $25.  This Late Fee of $25 is to pay for extra staffing to quickly have the Chapel ready for the next couple or to comp the couple that may have to adjust their paid Booking Time or Date.

Please do not enter the Chapel or knock on the Chapel door before your booked time.  You may purchase additional time when booking your Ceremony if you feel that you will need additional time in blocks of 30 minutes for $25.  Also, things happen, please be respectful until you see the couple and/or their guests leave the chapel.  If a couple goes over their time by 15 minutes, the couple will be charged $25 and you will be credited if your Ceremony is delayed because of their Ceremony running into your Ceremony.  The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel realizes that so many couples travel from out of town right up to your Ceremony, however, we may have a Ceremony in progress prior to your arrival and out of respect for all couples, we want to allow for all Ceremonies to complete with out any overlapping.  There are eating establishments, coffee shops, shopping & sightseeing within walking distance of the chapel, so again we ask that you extend the same courtesy to couples that we ask they extend to you and that you do not assume we do not have a ceremony in progress and please ask your Wedding Party & Guests to do the same. 

Tipping your Rhinestone Wedding Chapel Coordinator, Nashville Wedding Minister, Elvis Impersonator, Wedding Photographer, Pianist or Wedding Singer, Photographer/Videographer is NOT required, however, is a nice gesture for a performance well done as most give The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and couples special rates to keep your package prices affordable.  Tipping is customary and appreciated.

Add-Ons such as photography, live streaming video, cakes, require payment in full at the time of Ceremony booking.  The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is honored to receive special pricing and payment in full to our vendors, caterers, photographers may be paid for in advance.

Visa, Master Card and American Express is accepted.

This update will take precedent until individual packages are updated.

*****PLEASE HAVE YOUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE WITH YOU UPON ARRIVAL TO THE RHINESTONE WEDDING CHAPEL or your Ceremony will be considered Non-Binding.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COUPLE TO RESEARCH HOLIDAY CLOSINGS OF THE COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE. Some County Clerks Offices are open on Saturdays, Cheatham County and Bedford County is expect around a holiday. Please call for a particular County Clerks Office for their availability.

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel can accommodate up to 20 attendees/guests including Bride & Groom comfortably.  We can provide a reception up to 30 guests as we have several rooms to accommodate the Wedding party.

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel does not provide Previews for packages under $299 and requires our questionnaire to be completed one week prior to preview along with a $50 deposit that will be applied toward your package choice and not refundable if your Preview Appointment is missed.  Previews are only on Sundays and you must call 1 hour prior to your Preview as a Wedding will supersede a Preview of The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and be prepared to wait until the Ceremony is complete.

Celebrities of all genres be prepared to pay for your Ceremony unless  you are willing to provide Publicity opportunities for The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel.  In other words, if you pay for your Ceremony, we will NOT reveal the details of your Ceremony.

Please give us a call at 615-881-3930 if you have any questions.

 Thank You for giving us the honor of marrying you!

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel


Everybody’s Having a Hunka Hunka Fabulous Time with Our ELVIS Weddings & Elvis Marriage Vows Renewals Right Here at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel!

Nashville, Honky Tonk Elvis, Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elvis Weddings, Nashville Wedding Chapel, Downtown Nashville Arcade, Elvis, Honky Tonks, Destination Weddings, Nashville Honeymoons, Elvis Destination Weddings

Nashville, Honky Tonk Elvis, Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elvis Weddings, Nashville Wedding Chapel, Downtown Nashville Arcade, Elvis, Honky Tonks, Destination Weddings, Nashville Honeymoons, Elvis Destination Weddings

♥We are now located in the Downtown Nashville Arcade!♥

Come on to Honky Tonk Country and say Just Married! at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel where Elvis is entertaining, performing and serenading our fabulous couples just like the Elvis Impersonators do at the Vegas Wedding Chapels!  We offer you a Rhinestone Honky Tonk setting, Vegas Style! Featuring Elvis Weddings & Elvis Vow Renewals at Honky Tonk prices that are sure to beat the high dollar Wedding Venues across the globe with a whole lot more of hunka hunka fun!

Nashville Elvis Weddings, Elvis, Nashville, Downtown Elvis, Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Nashville Tourist Attractions, Nashville Wedding Chapels

Congratulations to Ann & Ryan of New York Wedded on April Fools Day 2014 & Thank You for this Fab Wedding Photo, Nashville Elvis Weddings, Elvis, Downtown Elvis, Nashville Tourist Attractions, Elvis Wedding Vow Renewals

The nearest place you will find another Wedding Chapel with an Elvis Impersonator we do believe is Vegas, so you can save on your airfare and extra expenses that go along with a big trip and come to Nashville Tennessee, home of Country Music and say I Do at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel with Elvis Weddings starting at only $299!  Then stroll over Lower Broadway, Honky Tonk Country, where we are only a few blocks away (that’s where everybody goes after their Elvis Wedding practically!) visiting Roberts Western World, Honky Tonk Central, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge or Nashville’s own Hard Rock Cafe & more! The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is one block from the Famous Printers Alley, two blocks from the Ryman Auditorium with Live Country Music all around, yep even during daylight hours! And make sure to visit where the best Music Row Wedding Chapel, was created on Famous Music Row, where there is still a little bit of Country Music History left like the famous Studio B where Elvis recorded over 200 songs along with the likes of Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash that will bring you back to Downtown Nashville to see the Johnny Cash Museum!

elvis pointer image for sign

Elvis, King of Rock & Roll, Music Row Wedding Chapel, Studio B, Famous Music Row, Wedding Chapels in Nashville, Elvis Weddings in Nashville

Remember, you won’t find an Elvis Impersonator in a Memphis Wedding Chapel or even a Gatlinburg Wedding Chapel, (we are the closest Wedding Chapel next to Vegas we do believe) you will be sure to see him at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel at our Fabulous Downtown Arcade location, Music City USA!  So you can start off your Nashville Honeymoon with an exciting Wedding with our Traditional Hearts Rush In! package or with Elvis and have some cash in your wallet or purse to be able to go Honky Tonk’n if you wish!

Oh an Elvis is entertaining!  Just a singing and just a twanging!  Get ready to participate, because he will smoosh you into participating, don’t even try to get out of it, besides you are here in Nashville Tennessee to have an exciting Vegas Style Wedding or Renewal with Elvis, right! You both want to remember your wonderful ceremony for the rest of your lives, you want to look back and smile when you think of your Ceremony. The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is all about excitement and entertainment in a very serious way when it comes to your Wedding, Marriage Vows Renewal or Commitment Ceremony. We know that even though you do want an entertaining Ceremony, you recognize the seriousness of saying I Do or recommitting yourselves to one another or you would not be doing it in the first place.

And The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel LOVES children an families and guests!  We can accommodate up to forty of your guests if you wish for a wonderful Wedding Cake Reception and we provide non-alcoholic Bubbly with  many of our packages. The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel can also be the perfect setting for your Elopement Wedding and we offer many elopement style packages so you can have your intimate Wedding with us at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and if you wish to have a bigger celebration in the future we promise not to tell unless you tell us too!

So if you found us by doing a google search of Wedding Chapels in Nashville and you are still doing your Wedding Homework, we hope that you come back to us here at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, where customer service is our priority, our prices are great, Elvis is a hunka hunk a lot of fun and most importantly, our Lord is the King!  We hope to see you at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel at our newest location, the Historic Downtown Arcade in Nashville Tennessee!

Ask us how you can have this Elvis T-Shirt with your Wedding Date included in your package or buy it separately!

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