Jessi ruben elvis fun pic

Nash Vegas Elvis Wedding  $799

You hedged your bets, pulled that lever of Love AND All of a Sudden! Lights twirling, flashing bright colors of red, white & blue with blinking strobes! Those bells & whistles sounding off and you can’t believe it, you both hit the jackpot simeoutaneously! You gambled on Love and you BOTH won!

The Date has been set, you both have a Full House of Wedding Guests you’ve sent those “Save the Date” cards to share your Nash Vegas Elvis Wedding Day with! So Show your Hand, hold hands, exchange your sparkling Wedding rings, you’re in Nash Vegas Baby! Toast with non-alcoholic Bubbly! Enjoy Elvis entertaining with his showmanship for Our Rhinestone Wedding Chapel Nash Vegas Wedding package that gives thd Bride & Groom the opportunity to be indulgent and enjoy the savings at the same time with Elvis in the building! Bring along up to twenty five  (25) Wedding Guests (double your Wedding Guest Count by playing only $299 more, total $1098) to Celebrate your Elvis Wedding in a Vegas Wedding setting with the look of a Vegas Show with our in the round table setting, sparkling tableclothes, shimmering in Gold & Silver chiavari chairs, oh yes! those rhinestones with bright lights focused on you two Nash Vegas Babies to deliver a performance with Elvis Crooning and a whole lotta shake’n going on!, Bring your Paparazzi with cameras flashing, video for the “untold story” facebook live, facetime you nam your media action to capture your Elvis Wedding with a true Nash Vegas Experience where everyone is a winner including your Wedding Guests, where what happens in Nashville at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel may OR may not stay in Nashville, in fact we hope you both share it with your Blissful Happily Married World to remember you both struck it rich with Happily Ever After for a lifetime!

Your Nash Vegas Elvis Wedding $799

Decorated Nash Vegas Style Round Tables Setting

Seating for up to twenty five (25) Wedding Guests

Your Monogrammed Wedding Cake

Coffee, Tea & non-alcoholic Bubbly

(Only $299 more Doubles your Wedding Guest Count)

(Includes an additional Monogrammed Wedding Cake)

Bring your own Paparazzi & cameras

Our Elvis serenading the Blushing Bride down the aisle!

Sharing in yoir Wedding Vows with our Wedding Officiant

Crooning your First Dance Song as Newlyweds on the Dance Floor!

Then get ready for a whole alotta shake’n & singing with Elvis!

Celebbrate Nash Vegas Style with a Toast of non-alcoholic Bubbly!

Our Exclusive Hatch Show Print Marriage Certificate for you to fill out later!